Welcome to CJPC

The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) was formed in 1988 as the executive arm of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) on matters of peace and justice. The CJPC works to fulfill one of KCCB objectives, that is,to promote justice and challenge oppressive structures in society.
CJPC’s broad aim is to sensitise individuals,communities,and the whole nation on justice ,peace issues and their respective roles and duties in addressing peace development,human advancement and human rights.

Some programmes that CJPC undertakes include;

  1. Governance And Democracy
  2. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution.
  3. Lenten Campaign.
  4. Transformative Civic education
  5. Voter Education and Election Observation
  6. Inter-religious Dialogue
  7. The Late Rev. Fr. John A. Kaiser Annual Memorial

The Commission has a good coordination, having established CJPC Diocesan offices in all the regions.
The objectives of the Justice and Peace Commission as set out in the Pastoral Letter are:
1.To approve the contents  of formation on programmes  and Lenten campaign.
2.To discuss and make decisions on publications of the social teachings of the Church in order to make them available in simple format and language
3.To work for the eradication of Injustice wherever it is seen to exist, by
a)Analysing the situation in the in the light of  the Gospel.
b)Planning relevant steps and action in order to contribute to their solutions.
c)Issuing official communiqués as to the stand of the Catholic Church in Kenya.
4.Advice, encouragement and support to the diocesan CJPC and other groups involved in justice and peace issues.
5.To Cooperate with other institutions, churches and peoples in the spirit of Christian Unity.